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What breed is he?

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Ok I am chair ridden at the moment due to a rib and back injury yay lol. So I am really really bored and thought I would see what people think my dog Haven has in him. He is definitely a Heinz 57 but it's all in good fun.
Here are a few pictures

With Punkin when she was a pup

11 months old

He weighs 35 lbs and stands 2 1/2 feet from paw to shoulder
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are you sure he is 30inches at the shoulder!? and if he is then 35 pounds is grossly underwieght lol. my aussie is 18.5 inches at the shoulder and she is very lean at 35 pounds. so something isn't quite adding up with your boy.

my guess is Siberian husky, border collie, Terrier
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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