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What breed has the cutest puppies?

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I know all puppies are cute, even the breeds that I find ugly as adults have adorable puppies so this is probably a tough question!

I think Labs, Siberian Huskies and pretty much any Spitz type pup to be the cutest. What are your thoughts?
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I vote Beagles.
That's a toughie! I guess I'd have to go with Goldens, Cotons, Malamutes. I'll come up with more later, I'm sure.
I vote Basset Hounds... lol hands down as the breed that I think has the CUTEST puppies. I dont know if I could ever own one... but DANG EVERY time I see a puppy Basset Hound... I melt LOL!

Next I would vote Great Danes... then Mastiffs
(all kinds of Mollosers really :) )

English Bulldogs :D .
I gotta go with huskies. Little balls of fluff with masks and shading...

Golden retriever pups are right up there though...
Oh, Corgis definitely as well.
ROTTIES!!!! :p



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Bull Terriers. They're such little egg heads...

Honestly though, the cutest puppy in my mind is likely whatever one I'm currently holding ;)
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What are Mollosers?

Norwegian Elkhounds... they look like tiny bear cubs.
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"Molosser" is the name of a group of dog breeds probably all descended from the same stock way back when. They're all solidly built and usually pretty large. The mastiff and bully breeds are Molossers, but I'm pretty sure the Saint Bernard, Rottie, Bernese Mt Dog, and Dobe are too. There are a ton more. My boy has Shar Pei in him and they are Molossers, too!
Beagles. Here a few photos of my family's dog Evey when she was a baby.

and one of her when she was 8 months.

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In no particular order: Labs, Beagles, Rotties, any small terrier, Berners, and Leos.

I'd probably rate Goldens in the top tier, but this one was my first, and he was the devil.
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Awww! All the puppies are cute but who can deny the EB pups their due as THE cutest?!?!?

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Gotta go with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. No puppy is cuter then one of them:D Of course, ALL puppies are cute!
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