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she’s 2years old around 13-15kgs – 28-33pounds (i hope i’m getting this right ugh haha) and 47-49cm – 18.504-19.291 inches (i’m so lost in this i’m sorry). she’s high energy dog which is sometimes driving me craazy cause we could spend the whole day outside and sometimes when we get back home she’s still in the mood to play while i’m dead, she’s protective over me but really friendly, loooves people hiking squeaky toys agility swimming sticks and snow but not so much other dogs (when we’re in the park she runs around and plays with them but whenever we’re hiking or on a walk she’s not really all about them if that makes any sense), she needs constant attention aall the time and can get stubborn sometimes, quick learner as she really enjoys learning new stuff, she’s shedding through almost the whole year, what i found out this summer as we spent the whole july in the woods is that she also enjoys digging and chasing mices, excessive barking from time to time. she was apprently found with her siblings on a road in Slovakia really close to Czech Republic if that helps in any way.

what are your guesses? have you ever seen a dog similar to her? would love to hear all your opinions!


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