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What breed could my puppy be?

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So I got a puppy about 6 weeks ago and I was told that he was Pittbull and Rottweiler mix. And from the bat I could tell that was a lie. I'm like 90% sure he isn't rottweiler at all. And about the pitbull half I'm not to sure but I dont see that either. Could anyone recognize what breed he could be. I was thinking St pyrenees maybe?
this is him at like 10 weeks supposedly.
this is Papa at 13 weeks if the birthday she told me is even right.
this is him at 12 weeks. No matter what breed, he's my little fur baby.
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First pic, he looks part Polar Bear 馃榿
Yeah, could be St. B/Pyr mix.
Very, very cute.
A Great Pyrenees cross, Saint Bernard cross, or even Newfoundland cross is a possibility, depending on how big he is. Australian Shepherd cross is another possibility is he's on the smaller side.
He is huge already! I swear he is like growing an inch a day! His back paw is already 6 inches! He is 13 1/2 inches tall.And laying down he is about 25 inches. And he is supposed to be 13 weeks. But I believe hes a little younger from doing research about him teething and stuff. Is that big for a 13 week old puppy??
What a cutie! I'm sure he's going to be an large - giant dog as an adult at that size.

You might not have been deliberately lied to, especially if he's from a shelter, since someone may have been mistaken about the breed/breed mixes of his parents, but he is definitely not just rottie/pit, though it's possible he has some of either (or both) in there. Genetics is wild sometimes with how it presents in breed mixes, especially once you get multiple generations of mixed breeds.

It can be really hard to guess breeds on a young puppy, because they don't have all their adult features and build yet, and you can't judge what their adult temperament is like. But I'd say St. Bernard or one of the big livestock guardian breeds (like Pyr) is quite possible!
LOL looks nothing like a rott pit. I agree with the pyr x st berner, maybe a bit of collie because of the sable coloring. ( I think thats sable? ) Such a cutie <3 Looks like he will be MASSIVE by the size of those paws!
@Papa'sMommy0608 I think he could be a St. Bernard/ Great Pyrenees mix. By his paws though I鈥檓 guessing he is gonna get big. He is so adorable though!!!! 馃槏I love him My dog is an adult know and some days I miss him being a puppy others I don鈥檛 lol馃槀
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