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What breed am I ?

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I recently adopted Bear from an animal shelter. He's four months old. Any ideas what breed he is ? They said shepherd mix but I think they say that for most dogs, lol. Thanks
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Is it the one in your avatar? Have a bigger picture? more views?
how do you post pictures? yes thats bear in the avatar
I host pictures in photobucket.com. It's free and is usable on all forums.

The picture is pretty small but I think he looks like a golden retriever pup.

Hi,here are more pictures of Bear. Any ideas what breed he is? The shelter said Shepherd mix but I don't think so
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Shepherd/Hound/Lab, possibly. He probably has a lot of things.
Shepherd/Hound/Lab, possibly.
'Bout right. Good looking dog.
I agree on the Shepherd/ Lab maybe some Hound mix. Very handsome little fella.
To me, Bear looks like a Ridgeback mix. Cute dog.
He definitely looks like he's got lab in him. Maybe mixed w/some kind of hound dog, although rodesian ridgeback might not be a bad guess either.
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