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What breed am I?

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The story I got from the original owners was that mommy was a Boxer and daddy was a German Shepard. I saw the mother and she looked to me to be a boxer / pit mix. I have my suspicions that the other half is mountain cur instead of Shepard. However, she does have a very dense double coat and ears that look like they will stand when she gets older. She is 8 weeks old and 13 pounds. What do you all think?

Either way she is just about the sweetest thing on 4 legs :)
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I think she is adorable and has beautiful markings that would lead me to believe that she has some pit in her...I don't see the boxer yet!!
Thank you, she is a little cutie pie. Its hard to tell from the pic (cell phone, horrible color correction) but she is chocolate with light rust and just a few touches of white, a little on her chest and on her back left paw. She doesn't show much of her boxer genes yet, however she does like to "box" with her front paws. It will be interesting to she what she looks like when she gets older.
Pits will sometimes box. Btw, you can try to capture the box and teach "shake" with either paw....
8 weeks and 13 lbs? she's going to be big! :)

I would say Pit mix and GSD too! but right now she's too little to really identify. I have a 10 wk (13-15 lbs!) Pit/Am Bulldog mix and they look so similar in the face!
Yeah I imagine she would probably be bigger if I owned her from the start. I got her from a family out in the booneys who kept her and her sister outside in a chicken wire fence, looked like an old chicken coop. She was 8 pounds when I got her, 7 days later she was 13 pounds.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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