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What are your feelings on vaccines?

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I was wondering what the general consensus is on here concerning vaccines? Up until about two years ago I'd never given them much thought really...I always just went with what my vet recommended and assumed they knew what was best. I eventually started doing some research into vaccines and can't say that I really liked what I found...

My dogs are a small breed and indoors the majority of the time, I never board them, and I groom them myself. I am now of the feeling that once that have had all of their puppy shots and the first year adult boosters that I only have them vaccinated once every three years (as it's required by law here) for their rabies vaccination and have titer testing done yearly for the rest of their vaccinations. So far, their titer testing has not shown any of their other vaccination levels being low enough that requires "re-vaccination"

I've never had any horribly reverse reactions with any of my dogs concerning vaccines, I just, personally, don't feel good about giving them booster vaccines every year after the research I've done and I'm wondering if I'm in the minority here?

I'm not saying those of you who do vaccinate your dogs yearly are wrong by any means, I think it's a personal decision that you have to make for your own pet...I'm just wondering if there are any other people out there who feel pets are largely being over-vaccinated and have chosen not to vaccinate their pets yearly but to have titer testing done instead?
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I'll just ask this question here, since it relates to the topic:

Chloe is going to be due for her annual vaccinations next month. She's had all of her puppy shots and her three year rabies (I do believe).

I really do not want to continue vaccinating her unless she needs it. Over her puppyhood she had really bad stomach problems, and I always thought it was her food...and while it might still be, I also think the vaccinations had something to do with it, because the time she stopped the vaccines (and when I switched her food) she got better. I don't want to risk her having an allergic reaction to a vaccination she doesn't need.

Blackie and Rose haven't been vaccinated in about two years now, but they have had yearly boosters all of their lives so I'm not concerned.

What would be my best course of action to take with Chloe?
If she were my dog, I wouldn't give her any more shots except for 3 yr rabies that is required by law. If I could find a way around the law I would do that.
Should I have a titer test done on her just in case, or just not do anything? After reading some of the articles posted, is a titer test worth it?
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