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I got tired of filling water bowls several times a day so I got one of the things that had a gallon jug you filled up and turned upside down in a bowl. It worked until the dogs tipped it over one day, dumped the water out, got ticked and chewed it up. Now I'm looking for automatic watering options. I have a spigot in the backyard where they spend their time while I'm gone so I can easily hook into that. I've found three solutions that I kind of like, but want to know if anyone has tried any of these

Contech Water dog - Although I think this might leave a mess of water on the ground which wouldn't be cool.

Bergan Auto-wata Automatic Water bowl
- My fear is that the dogs might tip it over causing water to flow constantly.

Lixit Dog Faucet Water - I actually like this the best both for price and it's how we water small mammals like gerbils basically. I'm not sure my dogs would be able to figure it out though.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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