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What are "large breed" dogs?

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I see people buying Large Breed formulas for labs, goldens and boxers all the time but IMO those aren't large breeds. If your lab is 90 lbs, it's fat, not a large breed dog.

What do you consider large breed food for? Breed examples? Do you think large breed food is appropriate for a lab?
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According to the chart at my vet I believe it states small under 20 lbs, medium 20-55 lbs large 55-110 lbs and anything 110 and over is giant however you'll never see giant dog food for sale..

My vet also explained the perks.. Large breed puppy food, delivers what the puppies need but not in excessive amounts helping large dogs grow at a normal rate and not overly excessive causing damage.. He recommends it to any puppy owner who owns any breed meant to get 50 lbs and or breeds that are known to have more hip/ joint issues.. The thought process there is to allow the puppies the "nutrients" and formula they need to grow big and strong but not the amount most medium small dogs grown at.. (slower more steady growth..) he is not an advocate for feeding dogs under 8 months of age adult food. and would prefer a large breed kibble be fed instead..

I personally noticed a huge improvement.. When we got my big boy his owner had him on adult food at the ripe old age of 4 months.. his vet recommended it.. I took him to my vet and we immediately swapped him back to a large breed puppy formula.. he changed dramatically.. his energy balanced out, he wasn't itchy his coat gleamed and he continued to grow and fill out like he should.. We swapped him back to adult at just over 1 year of age..

Again it would be in the eye of the beholder. after owning my big boy weighing in at 130 and standing at approx. 6' when on his hind legs.. I consider most any other dog small.. but my lab/pit at 69 lbs dwarfs most other dogs our friends own.. I wouldn't call him big in comparison to my other dog, but he is large compared to all the other dogs in our friends circle.. lol

Sorry for the super long post!!
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i believe i uploaded a few to my albums.. perhaps I should check! he really is a gorgeous dog and after the last month on raw its incrediable how much shiner they are both getting not to mention no farting at all!
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