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What Annoys Your Dog?

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There are certainly things and behavior among humans that dogs hate. It annoys them! This might be funny for most of us but it can be detrimental and stressful to our fur friends. As pet parents we have to be responsible to know what annoys our fur babies. Such includes the following:

1.Hugs may be fine on a regular basis but not excessive. Pets hate tight hugging. These fur babies do not consider hugging as a sign of affection. They do not want to be controlled. What your dog wants is a nice, gentle petting.

2.Staring too long at your dog poses a challenge to any dog. This is specially true if your dog is worried and seems aggressive. Staring at them at this point threatens them.

3.Teasing which is usually done by children like pulling a dog’s tail or ears is totally annoying for these poor pets. These negative behaviors does not only frighten a dog but creates a feeling of insecurity and fear. Even adults can be guilty of this such as when they pull away a pet dish when the fur baby is eating or even using laser pointers endlessly can be really annoying for pets.

4.Yelling means scares any dog. It makes them think that you are barking at them so loud and angry. It does not correct wrong behaviors among dogs. A calm voice and a well modulated tone gets their attention and relays the feelings you want to communicate with them. Exclaiming “very good!’ in a nice, soft voice tells them that they did well and so it makes them happy and secured.

5.Being Home Alone. Leaving your dog for 10 or more hours makes your fur baby sad and anxious. Probably it can even make your pet suffer from psychological and behavioral issues. You are your pet’s family and feeling being so alone specially on a daily and regular basis can create destructive behaviors which will totally annoy you as well. Every pet parent has the duty to spend quality time with the fur babies even through walking or strolling around the park. This is indeed very healthy for both of you.

6.Waking up a sleeping doggo. This is not nice at all! Disturbing from their sleep specially when they are dreaming shocks them and breaks their natural sleeping pattern. Let the fur babies wake up naturally and gently.

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7.A really Tight Leash. The tension caused by the collar and the leash as the owner and the pet pulls onto each other tightens the collar or harness. This definitely hurts the doggo which may result to some serious health issues. Training the pet does not mean using a harsh leash. Using rewards such as some healthy treats are very helpful while using leashes that has a shock absorbing features so that the dogo would definitely enjoy the training or even the walk around the park.

As pet owners and pet parents we need to understand what makes our fur babies healthy and happy!
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