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Have any of you dealth with reoccuring UTI's in your dogs? not looking for medical advice, but rather where I am going wrong and is there anything that you have done that worked to keep them at bay?

22 days ago Roo was treated for a UTI...she finished treatment 12 days ago...well, I think she has yet another UTI. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, I don't make her hold it and take her out very often through the day, I make sure she drinks plenty of water but its one of those things you cannot force them to do. I bought something called "cranberry Relief" its a urinary tract support medication for dogs. She will be going to the vet on Monday. I'm not 100% sure that she does have another one, but she started peeing on my floor last night, she hasn't done this since a few days after she started the 1st antibitic.

Is there anything that mini poodles are prone to in terms of this that I should ask the vet to look into? She does hold it all night from about 10-6 but if she has to go she wakes me up and I always take her out, but she isn't waking me up until about 5am...is it a girl dog thing? a mini thing? or just a thing? What am I doing wrong for her to get another in less than a month?
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