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Today it has been raining since wake up, and trying to get my male min-schnauzer to go out and do his thing well you know how that could be!

So I took the girl out first (she will leave a spot for him) and carried her to the back gate that goes immediately goes into the forest. Then put her down for her to find the perfect spot. She started walking on the trail we always take, and then veered off and led me to a hiding fawn. It must have been less then a few days old and if you know, they are almost totally scentless.

What a nose, she did not act aggressive or barked, and the fawn rambled off awkwardly, not too far, I could see the doe not far off from us. She went on to do her thing, and the male dog when it was his turn finally did his contribution. We all got very wet, thus the life of a dog owner.

Oh, the ticks are not out yet, and our high today is in the low 40s.
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