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Hello, I am brand new here. Looking for some advice for my one year old Westie, for the past day and a half she has been limping around on her left hind leg, we never leave her unattended in the back yard and when we go away she is secured in our kitchen with only a few chew toys and food/water. She suddenly started limping around. I've felt her legs, hips, feet, back and looked at her paws to see if she had injured it somehow. She doesn't seem to have pain, doesn't react sensitively to anywhere I touch. I've come up with no answers, and before I rush her to the vet and spend a fortune for being "overconcerned" I thought maybe I would ask here. I love my Maggie so so much, she is my child. I don't want to see anything bad happen, but we are just young couple starting out and also don't have an excess of money to be spent on vet visits either since we are still recovering from parvovirus at 12 weeks old. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I hope I'm not being a "bad mommy" by holding off on vet for a couple days. Thanks, Jessica & Maggie
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