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I’m new here. I have a Great Dane mix, we rescued, so no real age we just count from when we adopted which was 7 yrs ago. He’s estimated to be between 1-3 years of that. He’s been declining bc of his age and size. Cancerous bumps and hip problems.

I’m trying to be proactive in researching other dogs and breeds for when the time comes for a playmate for our Westie, Bella, who is a 1. Full of energy and doesn’t like being alone.

I know once the time comes to say goodbye to Yogi I will be in no shape to make rational decisions for awhile which is why I’m educating myself now.

What are good small/medium size breeds with loads of energy that would get along well with a Westie? Also, is it better to get a puppy or try out meetings with older dogs? I’ve read male and female is the best combo for Westies.

Thanks for any help!
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