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that my younger dogs are absolutely great around small kids!

I don't have any children, my husband & I only have critters as our 'kids'. My siblings also do not have any children and my husband's siblings are all older than his and all of our nieces and nephews are 12 or older. So Gabby and Bogie have only been around a few kids but always on leash or under strongly supervised conditions. Most moms with small toddlers really don't let their children get too close to strange dogs without supervision. Tank hasn't ever really seen a small person and certainly not one up close and personal like this.

This weekend my young cousin (who I babysat for when I was in high school) brought her 3 yr old son over to see all the farm animals. This kid was active...very very active. It would take an army to keep him confined! lol. He opens locked gates and gets into things that would make my head swim if I had to deal with that on a daily basis! He gets it honestly as my cousin was the same way!! I earned every penny of the babysitting money I got, lol.

Anyway, before we knew it he was sitting on Bogie and swimming in the kiddie pool with all the dogs, climbing into the kennel with Gabby and Tank (it's always open and is a shady retreat for them) then locking himself in with all 3 dogs, pretending he was a dog, lapping water from their water dish, chasing Tank and throwing all the dog toys into pool. A constant little whirlwind of activity that the dogs actually enjoyed!

I was expecting at least one of them to run and hide but they all centered around him and had a blast. The only time they scattered is when he turned on the hose and the pressure was strong enough to send it spiraling in circles over his head! My dogs like water but a wild hose? they all escaped! Of course I got a little soaked when I finally went to rescue my lawn which was rapidly becoming a pond!

I figure if they can survive this kid, they must be great with kids, lol. We were all exhausted but happy!
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