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Hey I'm new! I have two dogs that are Lilly and Flip.
Lilly is a 2 and a half year old golden retriever mix.She is very obedient but, she has her moments.Lilly is miss-happy-go-lucky.She loves people but she is alittle dog aggresive.Last summer while we were on a walk she got bit by two Akitas who were loose.They bit her 8 times all over her body.Now she gets scared when dogs are loose.I'm trying my hardest to work with her to get over her fears.She is a great friend.
Flip is a 5 year old black labrador retriever.
We inherited her when she was 2 by my dad's best friend who died.
Flip was trained in field trailes.She doesn't like men and she is also very scard of guns. She's not really scard of the noise just the gun.Flip is super obessed with playing fetch.She doesn't ever want to stop.She is very cliny and loves to be petted. I think she lacked that as a puppy.Now she is living it up as a spoild rotten house dog.
As you can see I have my work cut out for myself. If you have any advise PLEASE let me know.


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