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Weird skin issue

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I have a maltese poodle mix who comes in to my groom shop. He has been fighting an unusual skin issue. The owner took him to the vet to test for mange at my request and it came back negetive. Since then the dog has develop a perfectly round spot on it side where the hair fell out and the skin has turned gray and hard. He had red spots on his stomach and neck that are round and the skin in peeling away.
The strangest part is that the hair all over his body had a build up right at the base or folic. His hair pulls out really easily and you can see the build up on the end of each hair. It has caused his skin to almost have yellowish appearance. Any ideas? The have had him back to the vet twice since, and they have just treated him for allergies. He has not improved at all.
Thanks for any info.
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That's so strange...

How did they "treat" his allergies? I mean, for example, just giving a dog Benadryl doesn't get rid of the allergies, it just masks the symptoms. Donatello has an allergy to "corn" and any form of it. I was advised to give him Benadryl- Well, they failed to mention that I should have been narrowing out the things in his life that are causing the allergies.

So, I started making a list, and testing everything I thought he could be allergic to; I just now finished the last thing on the list which was Nylon. It's definitely "corn"... He wouldn't dig and scratch, but he'd lick his paws a lot, and bald spots were showing up, and the skin would turn greyish and scaly.

I changed his food five times before I found that "corn" was the common ingredient in all five- I even tried the food made for dogs with allergies and that didn't work... I went out on a limb and found food without any type of "corn" in it, and bam! In two weeks his hair was growing back in normally...

Every now and then, if I don't think about the treats or people food I give him, and it's got corn in it, he can have a pretty bad break-out, which I use Benadryl for, then cut him cold-Turkey from other foods until it's clear.

I'm no vet by any means, but that's what happened to me and that's how I fixed it... Always a suggestion.
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They switched his food about six weeks ago to a all natural no corn diet. The vet treated him with some antibiotics one time. Then they went back and the vet gave him an injections and a prescription for allergies. Nothing worked.
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