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I took my girl to the dog park today and then invited my friend to bring one of his dogs. I thought he was bringing his Great Pyrenees puppy but he pulls up with a REALLY fat Schnauzer instead who can barely walk a foot without panting like he's dying. That was okay though, I just kind of worried about the dog in the heat. But the friend kept chasing my dog around trying to pet her even though I told him to knock it off repeatedly... Ugh.

And then a couple and their kid come in with three dogs--an Aussie, a Golden and something resembling a Plott. The first thing they do is let the golden off leash on the way in (but leave the leash on) and then when it starts to wander (clearly having no recall) the man picks up the leash and yanks on it... I was thinking "setting your dog up for failure there..." Then when they came in the golden rushes at my dog and pins her and they're just calling it and it's not doing anything, and then it finally leaves her alone. Then their Plott thing keeps running up to my dog and just standing there and BARKING and that was really annoying... And their aussie kept coming over to me but I liked that dog and I was petting it when it shoved its head into my lap and they called it away too! They also refused to talk to me and acted like I wasn't even there... They were dressed like they were the upper class, sporty type... I was pretty offended by this way more than the dogs honestly and I ended up leaving to go to Petco instead... Has anyone else had anyone "snub" them like that at a dog park? Half the reason I go is for socializing with the owners...

ETA: Oh yeah, the very first thing that happened was a bunch of Amish kids (like six or seven of them) came into the dog park and started trying to take down the signs and stuff! They didn't have a dog or anything, they were just being brats I guess! I stood and glared at them until they left...
Weird, you say ??? ... the entire scene sounds more like 'just another day' at the local dog park here, lol. And then some.

Count your blessings, if your recent experience was the exception to the norm for your area. :)
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