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Weekend fun!

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The girls found a gopher tortoise and had to check him out!

Running with the 4wheeler

Deep thought dog
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Great pics!!Bentley loves running by the 4-wheeler also but I usually make him sit on it instead. How did you train them to run by it but far enough away they didn't get hurt? Or did they just know? Bentley gets a little close the the front tire when I turn and it scares me.
Okay, thanks!! Bentley runs by my bike and I have also accidentally hit him twice. I know give a little tug on the leash which way we are going and he turns that way, and stays a good distance away. With the 4-wheeler I can't do that!
It's okay!! I will do left and right,lol. I am bad enough enough it comes to left and right so saying gee and haw might be worse,haha.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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