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Weekend fun!

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The girls found a gopher tortoise and had to check him out!

Running with the 4wheeler

Deep thought dog
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Thanks! They do great especially around my parents property where these pictures are taken. They stay within sight all the times and come running when whistled for about 90% of the time. A name call gets about 98% response so that's the second call.
This may be terrible advise but it worked so well for me that I'll share it. When we first got them running with the 4-wheeler I or hubby would go fairly slow in a straight line, if the dogs got too close on either side we would move towards them a little bit, not like a giant swerve but like a little turn of the handle and they would jump back out of the way. It didn't take long for them to learn tires= bad so stay away. Not that we ever ran over them or anything!!! I think it helped too that I have taken both of them on bike rides where they ran next to me, and I actually admit to running over both of them on more than one occasion on accident. That may have helped to teach them to stay out of the way!

When Chloe hurt her paws on vacation last year she got to ride on the 4-wheeler while Sydney ran and you could almost see Chloe gloating she loved it!!
You could try teaching him Gee and Haw on the bike while you're tugging and try to replicate that on the 4-wheeler. I have troubles and can't do left and right correctly all the time so I just taught Sydney TURN. I say that and she knows we're going to turn and judges the direction herself. I forgot about that sorry!
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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