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Weed and feed

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Hi! My yard is OVERRUN with weeds. Is there any pet safe weed and feed you can recommend? I was reading up on Google and it said I should have spread cornmeal (atleast) 3 weeks ago. Do I just let it go and try again next year?
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No herbicide/weed killer is going to be 100% safe .. especially if you have dogs that love to roll around and eat the grass like I do. For a dog that just does his/her business and is done there's less of a risk.. but still a risk. For the most part I let the weeds grow right along with the grass, but I live in the country with several acres and nature just does it's thing.

For the nasty weeds, like thistles up around the house I just wait for a bright sunny day and spray them down with vinegar or a salt water solution. They die pretty quickly after that. If you use this method take care to only hit the target weed though, as it will kill grass and any other plant it touches.
Most herbicides for lawns are usually safe when they have dried. Roundup for Lawns is what we typically use. We do back yard first, wait a couple of hours, then do the front so we have a safe place to take the dog to potty while it dries. Read the labels carefully and follow the instructions, and you should be fine.
Corn gluten meal, not cornmeal. It only works on seeds so you have to spread before you see any undesirables. Hard to believe it works but sure has great press.

Heat will kill annual weeds. I use a heat gun for weeds growing in paving but a torch would be so satisfying! Many weeds smell quite tasty cooked too. I've had better success with that than full strength vinegar.

I'd be wary of granular weed and feed as it has to stick to the leaf to work and is probably still granular at that point. Could get stuck in fur and have to be licked off by the dog.

I'm sure the sprays are safe but I pull by hand or use a scuffle hoe.
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