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Wee Staining On Our Pap, Anyone Suggest Anything

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Our youngest pap has yellow staining underneath, we have tried a whitening shampoo (wahl, showman diamond white) but that hasn't really made any improvement.

His coat is beautiful apart from this, does anyone have any suggestions on how to remove this?


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EZ Groom Crystal White shampoo. It is an enzymatic stain remover/whitener, and by far the best out there. It must be mixed with VERY hot water or heated straight, in the microwave. The heat activates the enzymes, and if you dont heat it, it wont work. I let it sit on the dog for at least 10 minutes, and keep adding more shampoo every few minutes. You can add saran wrap and heat from a human hair dryer if its a really bad stain. Always condition afterwards, as it does tend to be a bit drying. You can order it directly from EZ Groom, google them.
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