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wee pads to outside transition

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hi, my puppy finally got all her shots and i've been taking her outside to learn leash walking. i've been timing her potty times so that she starts going outside (transitioning from wee pads), but have been unsuccessful - she simply holds it and is eager to come back inside to use her wee pads. this is not good, because her anxiety to get back is damaging our loose leash training. how should i go about this? should i pick her up when i see her go to her wee pad and take her outside? or will she just eventually go? iv'e sat with her also, but she just holds it. any advice? thanks everyone.
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We took a used wee pad outside and left it there and then went from ground zero to taking the pup outside at least every two hours and letting him get used to going outside. We started this at about ten weeks. He is almost 4 months old now and hasn't had an accident in at least a week, probably more. He did have a spot where our former girl had accidents but we used "No More Marking" by Nature's Miracle and the puppy is no longer interested in doing his business in the house, anyplace.

Just be patient; it will happen, the dog will get the idea and get housebroken.
You will probably have to get rid of the pads so as to not confuse the dog; once the pads are done with, there isn't much going back.

You will just have to scoot the puppy outside as fast and often as you can and use the crate as necessary.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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