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Weak Back

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I'm looking for exercises to strengthen my dogs back. He's an Australian Shepherd and his back slopes downward a bit, I would like to help him build up some muscle in that area. I'm training him for agility and want to make sure I prevent him from geting an injury.
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Work on sitting pretty. When good at that trick try standing on hind legs. Max couldn't do either when I got him. He is now extremely proud that he can stand on his hind legs and hop. Only once but still he is proud of himself!

I am not sure of what all they consist off but 'core' exercises are important as well. Doing behaviors on a tippy board are good.

A terrific exercise for back leg awareness is to walk the dog through a ladder. Picking up the back feet and missing the rungs is surprisingly hard.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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