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We Have LEGS!

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Even though the first pictures of the pups were met with a cool reception when Skelaki first posted them, I have been dying for them to develop some kind of individuality so that I can try again. They have no real names yet--just Tan Boy, Tan Girl, and Tri Girl--but their litter names might not be long in coming. :D

The puppies have finally discovered that if they use their legs to push against the "ground" instead of dragging themselves along it that their prodigious bellies will be lifted and they can propel themselves . . . faster? Okay, maybe "more efficiently." Faster will come in time . . .

Prodigious Bellies

Prodigious . . . Something Else . . .

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With legs, however, comes other abilities: they have suddenly discovered PLAY! Granted, play involves crawling across each other and suckling on each other's faces, but they are learning. And so, with no further ado, here are some more pictures of the new pups. They ask that you forgive them for their dribbly-ness, but they are used to their mother taking care of cleaning them and this newfound independence is a bit, erm, wet.

Tan? For Real?

Tan Girl

Learning to Push Up

Cute, but Dribbly

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Early Play

Altogether Now

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POOPERS!!! *loves on the poopers*

(ps. I refer to all extremely young things as poopers...I think it's pretty appropriate. :p )
I missed them the first time, they're very cute!
so darn cute. I love that age. where they prop themselves up on their front feet then they turn their head to the side and fall over from loss of balance. hehe it's cute
POOPERS!!! *loves on the poopers*

(ps. I refer to all extremely young things as poopers...I think it's pretty appropriate. :p )
That's too funny, because I've called puppies "poopies" on occasion. They were two weeks old on Saturday and they have tripled their birth weights. It's scary how fast they grow!
Oh. Em. Gee. So Friggen cute.
Oh my goodness are they ever cute. You have some very lovely babies there. I love the coloring. Cant wait to see them strut their stuff in the show ring. Terror on wheels is what I call pups. They are everywhere!!!!!! I have four 10 week old Chin pups and they race around my bedroom like there is no tomorrow. Just watch for the big toe biting. Wow does that hurt when you dont expect it. Congrats on such a lovely litter.
Very cute puppies!
Thanks for all of the kind words, folks! I wanted to add a few pictures for perspective--they are shown next to a 13 ounce coffee can--as well as a video that shows just how "well" they're moving now. Enjoy!

Future Coffee Drinker!


And now the video . . .

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