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It has been a while since I have been here. Lost my Maya, my heart dog in April to Lymphoma. Wasn't quite sure I wanted to get another dog after dealing with cancer but I knew I eventually would. We still had two other dogs but man, it felt odd with just two. My daughter, who was going to college this fall, pushed me to get one before she left so she could get to know it. So I started looking, for me I wanted one that would remind me of Maya. She was a blue merle cocker with one blue eye and one brown eye. I found a little blue merle puppy and inquired on going to see the place/puppy. We had a day set up but then life got in the way and we couldn't make it. So I ended up just putting a depost down to hold her, hoping for the best. The breeder would send updates. On the day that would have been my Maya's eleventh birthday the breeder sent me an updated pic and lo and behold this little girl had one blue eye and one brown eye too! We picked up the little munchkin on June 24th.

First day home...
IMG_9512ac by rzyg, on Flickr

Now we have had some crazy puppies in the past, Belle being the last one that was over the top so we were ready for some adventures in puppyhood. We named our new addition Maya's Ray of Sunshine...we call her Raya. Raya has been the model puppy to be honest. Was perfect in her crate, didn't whine, got up once to potty the first and third night but other than that has pretty much slept through the night from the get go! We also have an xpen and she is totally fine being put in there. Our other two dogs took quite some time to warm up to her, one of them still isn't crazy about the idea but her and the other play all the time now. She took great naps also when she was little, loved that. When Belle was a puppy she took like 5 min snoozes and then was up running again. Only issue Raya has had was potty training. She wouldn't go in the crate or xpen but when out she would go potty like every 20 min. She is 6 months old now though and doing great, not 100% yet but almost there! I have been doing my best to socialize her properly with as much as I could. Had her to agility trials within a week of getting her to get her used to the noise and dogs. She really seems to be a confident little puppy so I am hoping that lasts and we don't do something wrong in a fear stage yet. She did a little puppy class back in July/August and is now in beginning agility and also in a manners class. She is also a little poser just like my Maya was...loves being in front of the camera so she can get the treats. lol!

First face trim...she did awesome!
IMG_0158ac by rzyg, on Flickr

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She LOVES to play fetch!
IMG_2779a by rzyg, on Flickr

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She is precious - CONGRATS!
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