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Have you used an enzymic cleaner behind the recliner?

My pup used to sneak off and poop in my room! All I had to do was restrict his access to my room for a while until he understood he was to poop outside. Sorry I don't know how to train with wee pads....
But for pottying outside, if my pup has an accident inside, I don't react, I calmy bring him outside to finish (or just to show him where I want him to potty) and clean it up inside without saying anything.

Not saying you have, but try not to yell/scold the pup for pooing behind the chair, that could confuse him and he thinks pottying is bad in general, so he may sneak off to do it without your presense.

Also watch for signs he has to poop potty like sniffing off, circling, especially during/after play and after his meal. Bring him to the potty pad when you notice he is about to poop. I wonder if a litter box area would be nicer to poop in?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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