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We have 3 dogs and we are expecting our first baby. Suggestions?

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Hi everyone!
I'm writing because my husband and I are expecting our first child and I'm very anxious. We have 3 dogs (1 Italian Greyhound and 2 Bouvier de Flandres) and I'm just worried how they will respond to the baby's arrival. They're an energetic, protective, and affectionate bunch... but I just worry. How can I properly prepare them for the baby? Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance!
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Not much you can do. Dogs do not have a concept of future.

When the baby comes home, introduce the baby like you would a new pup. You will need to lead the dogs with training to teach them where the baby is in the "pack hierarchy". You could introduce the dogs to "baby smells", like new diapers, powders, ointment and such. Don't waste your time with scents from other (friend's) babies, your baby will have a unique scent. Allow the dogs to smell the baby to learn the scent.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER leave the baby and the dogs unattended. Did I say NEVER? Yes, NEVER leave them together unattended.

As the baby grows, you will need to train the baby about proper care, play and interaction with the dogs. NEVER leave them unattended. What I mean is the baby can not pull ears or tail or tease or ride or sleep on or wake the dog...…. Baby and dogs will need to learn respect for each other.

Good Luck and Congratulations. Your life will invert. Learn to roll with the unplanned and surprises.
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