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We are on high bear alert !!

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This has been a horrible year for bears around here. I just got a call from a neighbor telling me he had a HUGE grizzley in his yard going after his chickens. Fish and Game have been alerted and will probably have to kill this bear. Once they get used to human food they are too much of a danger to people and pets. I went out to get Lucifer in and saw some bear tracks and a pile of bear scat near my yard. SCARY !!! So for now NO dogs or cats outside without supervision, shotgun is locked and loaded I will be armed while out with the furbabies. Oh and I put my trash can in the woodshed. Just another day in the wilds of Alaska !!!
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If you kill a bear, do you get to keep it's pelt if you like? Just wondering. I know it may sound like a stupid question, but I am serious. I used to live in Manitoba and we had different rules down there. Just wondering what happens.
Only if you have a hunting license. I found this out years ago when i had to shoot a wolf that was in my chicken coop and you still have to notify fish and game !
Wow, Scary stuff! Brings back memories of living on Bangor, if the bears on base were spotted near the housing the SP would let us know so we could be on the lookout until they got the bear trapped and relocated. Of course those were Black bears, not Grizzlies. Has it been a bad year for Salmon and their other natural food sources?
They did just shut down the Kenai river ( one of the worlds most famous salmon fishing rivers ) due to low numbers and we had a very very bad winter that was hard on our local moose. They have already had several bear maulings, one not far from me, the most reports of problem bears in years.
UPDATE : Last night this particular bear tried to get into a neighbors shed ( almost next door to me ) and he had to call the troopers. Sadly they had to shoot the bear . It makes me angry when this happens because if is usually due to someone not being "bear safe " leaving trash out, pet food etc. We live in bear country and people should never forget that and take precautions not to attract one with trash. Shoot our dump is even FREE, no excuses for letting trash pile up to attract the bears. Some people..............
another close encounter of the bear kind not too far from me. A cub got into a garage and mama bear came to the rescue here is the link to the video.........

Abby we have aprox 1 bear per sq mile around here ( or more ). Also one person per sq mile. This summer has been the worst for bear encounters since I have lived in Alaska ( almost 20 yaers ) . We had a record breaking winter, huge snowfalls, super cold temps and 6 declarations of disaster areas across the state due to the weather. I think this is why the bears have been so bad this year, not alot of moose around either which is odd.I usually go pick wild blueberries this time of year but I am not so sure about it this year. I dont think I want to compete with the bears for the berries !!

I did have a young bull moose hanging around my house all winter a couple years ago, he liked to lick the road salt off my car. His name was Bruce the moose. He ended up doing nearly 2000.00 in damages to my car with his antlers. Try calling that one into your insurance company lol
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