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We are on high bear alert !!

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This has been a horrible year for bears around here. I just got a call from a neighbor telling me he had a HUGE grizzley in his yard going after his chickens. Fish and Game have been alerted and will probably have to kill this bear. Once they get used to human food they are too much of a danger to people and pets. I went out to get Lucifer in and saw some bear tracks and a pile of bear scat near my yard. SCARY !!! So for now NO dogs or cats outside without supervision, shotgun is locked and loaded I will be armed while out with the furbabies. Oh and I put my trash can in the woodshed. Just another day in the wilds of Alaska !!!
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We're in northern California right now, visiting my father in-law, who lives on the very edge of a large canyon in Bear and Mountain Lion country. A couple days ago, the neighbor's Collie was killed by a mountain lion while out in it's yard :( We've never seen the Mountain Lions, but we've heard them, and have seen the bears plenty. It's really scary.
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