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Way too excited around other dogs! What to do?

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We've had our rescued 2 year old Peke, Ebi, for about two months now. She's doing really well, but one problem we don't know how to fix is that she *FREAKS OUT* when she sees another dog, either in person or through the window. She jumps around, frantically barks, and doesn't even realize we are there, until the other dog is out of sight. I don't think it's aggression, just excitement.

We've had her around two other small dogs. One she played really well with, they rolled around the house but it never got too aggressive. The other one is shy, and Ebi mostly ignores her because she won't play back.

I don't want to close the window, she LOVES to look out of it, but her frantic barking is intolerable. I don't know what to do, because she doesn't even realize I'm there if a dog is present. I'd love to set up a regular doggie play date, but her behavior is so bad that I don't want to inflict her upon other dogs and their owners. Any suggestions would be very appreciated!
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Ditto, get her into a group class where she can get over the whole 'it's another dog!' thing. You can also see if there's some dog owners in the neighborhood that can help by walking past the house over and over while you pull out the good food and distract her. For that though if it was my dog, I'd just have a leash on and remove them from the window and work on not barking out the window. I'm not a fan of that at all though.

Also see if there's some dogwalking people in the neighborhood and then walk behind them, then beside and so on as she gets more used to other dogs. Dog daycare might be an idea too.
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