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Hi there,

My 9 month old Corgi mix baby just got neutered this week. It was supposed to happen two months ago, but the adoption agency kept "forgetting" to send the certificate needed by the Vet. But, that's a whole different story.

So, he was Neutered, and had no issues during surgery. He was put on pain medication, and we were instructed to use it for three days. He has to wear the cone 24/7 because he won't stop trying to lick his wound.

We get home, and he hardly eats and does not go to the bathroom. Considering the anesthesia, that seemed normal.

Day one (after day of surgery), he drinks water and eats a little bit. He urinates a couple of times which is good.

Day two, he finally has a BM. But, it's diarrhea. Definitely not a good sign, but I was reassured that this was a side effect of both the pain meds, and the anesthesia.

Day three comes around, and now diarrhea is happening 6 times a day, and the stool has become pure liquid. However, he is still active, but seems unhappy he has to wear the cone. I take him off the pain meds early because I am worried.

Day four, still the same thing, watery stool. I put him on a bland diet of boiled chicken and white rice. He enjoys eating it, is active, and has normal urinary schedule. However, still must wear cone.

It is the end of day five. This morning, during his watery stool BM, a large clump of string/hair/cotton was in his stool. I began to wonder if that could have caused a blockage. But, throughout the day the stool was still watery, and be went 5 times in the day.

Additional info:

• I spoke to the vet about my concerns. First, I was assured it was normal on day two.
• Once we spoke again, I was told to bring a stool sample in if it continued.
• When I saw the large clump of string, I called the vet, and they told me to see if that changed anything in the next day or two. Thinking it could have been a blockage.

• He only took 2 days of pain medication
• He's been on the bland diet for 2 days, with probiotic added to food.
• He seems very very stressed that the cone is on him. Constantly scratching at it, and crying while looking at me and his dad.
• Everything else is completely normal besides the BMs. Normal appetite, activity, affection, urination, and no vomiting.

I am sitting here worried sick, but terrified of those impending vet bills. But, trust me, I know it's no excuse to wait. But, I feel like I could be overreacting. Anyone have any experience with this?

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"Look, I get it. It's very disappointing to register on a dog forum because you have a canine health concern, only to have your your thread locked by a moderator. Here's why we do that.

This forum is made up of thousands of dog-owners (and a few who don't own dogs.) Experience ranges from absolute novice to those who have watched too many episodes of Dog Whisperer to some very experienced professionals. You have no idea, especially if you're new here, which is which.

Well-meaning members may give you very bad advice, or good advice which doesn't actually apply to your dog. Nobody here has ever seen your dog. Very few here are veterinarians. Bad training advice, ("Just rub his nose in it.") can potentially harm your dog, but bad medical advice could kill your dog or make a condition much worse.

Inappropriate advice puts your dog at risk. Because of liability concerns, it also puts the forum at risk.

Even a seemingly innocent question like, "Should I be concerned?" will not be allowed. If someone says, "I wouldn't worry about it." and your dog has a serious condition, nobody wins. If you're concerned-enough to register on a dog forum and post the question, it's time to call the vet.

We hear all sorts of reasons why someone posts a question here instead of at least calling the vet. "It's the weekend. My vet is closed." If you have a dog, you need an emergency plan. We use the only vet in the area that's actually on call for off-hours, and then it's only for existing clients. Despite that, I've made the 50-mile drive to the nearest emergency vet and spent $800, just to be told, "She'll probably be okay. Call us if it gets worse."

Or, "I can't really afford a vet right now." Again, if you have a dog, you need an emergency plan, whether it's Care Credit or insurance or a dedicated credit card that you only use for emergency vet care or an understanding relative that will loan you some money. Also, phone calls are usually free and you can get a professional opinion instead of very questionable ones from a bunch of strangers on the Internet.

We've heard, "I don't really trust our vet." You need to find a different vet.

But, still, you're disappointed in the forum and really upset with the moderator who locked your thread. You might feel like reposting your question on another thread and maybe throw in a little dig at the moderator that closed your first one. Or maybe you want to argue via private messaging. Don't do either. At best, you'll be ignored. At worst, you'll be banned from any future participation. Even those well-meaning members who offer medical advice might find themselves in a brief time-out.

If you're concerned, call your vet. If your thread gets closed, understand it's not subject to review. It's not debatable. This is not a democracy."
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