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Sometimes I just like moving stuff around and getting him excited to see him bat at it with his paws.

Like a piece of rawhide. He'll be watching it, trying to time it with his paws. Or he'll start chasing it around and then I'll stop, then he stops, and he's just like counting in his head before he tries to pounce on it.

Or how he'll sit and watch it, just waiting for it to get to some point where he intends to make his move on it.

It makes me wonder...

-How do dogs determine how long to wait? Like he's looking to pounce on it, how does he decided to wait X seconds? How does determine when to change his own timing - like sometimes he'll pounce faster...or slower. He's trying to "trick" me as much as I'm trying to "trick" him. Interesting to see him inject his own randomness - how do they do it?

-Same idea, but with location - how do they pick some spot to where they'll strike if the "prey object" gets to that point. How do they know they'll be able to get it at that point?

-He gets good with the paw slapping after a while, no matter how fast I move it. Is it just him speeding up his reactions to where he's going faster than I am, or is there something else at work - like he gets a better line on it or something and at some point, no matter how fast I move it (and I move it as fast and erratically as I can).

-How can I use this in other training? Is there a way I could use this to improve his catching, for example, except up higher to where he's trying to bite instead of slap it?
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