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Tick born illnesses are more common then people may think. It's really hard to say what your dogs chances are because each area is different and ticks can carry different diseases: lyme, anaplasma, erichilosis, rocky mountain spotted fever etc. I am not familiar with your particular area. This is my recommendation... call your veterinary clinic and explain the situation. Ask what protocols they have in place to test for tick-born illnesses for your dog and how long after the tick attached that they recommend you wait (there is usually a period). In clinic our protocol was 5 weeks after attachment of the last tick we could perform an Idexx 4DX snap test in-house to test for lyme, anaplasma, erichilosis and heartworm because these were the common tick born illnesses for our area. If there was a positive, we performed additional diagnostics.

If you didn't get the head of the tick there is no need to worry, a bump may form in that area but the head itself will eventually work its way out. Watch the area for signs of irritation and infection (redness, discharge etc.) and seek veterinary attention if it seems infected. If ticks are common in your area you may want to invest in a good tick twister. These IMO are most effective http://www.ticktwister.com/ and you can also look into a monthly topical application product like K9 Advantix to repell any further ticks.

Hope that answers your question.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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