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was this a bad idea?

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Our dog, a nine month old standard poodle, tends to be dog reactive. Last night we were watching the AKC / Eukanuba dog show and she started growling and barking at the TV. We stopped it (it was recorded), let her calm down, and took her outside.

When we came back inside, we started watching the show again and sort of played the "look at that game" with her. Every time she looked at the screen and didn't react, we marked and reinforced. We did that for until she seemed to lose interest in the dogs and she was fine through the rest of the show.

At the time it seemed like a good way to reinforce her good behavior and we never would have thought to do so had she not reacted so strongly in the beginning. Now, I'm wondering if that was a good idea and if it's something we can / should repeat. Of course, we'll still work with her in real life situations as often as possible, too.
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Of all the dogs I have had in 20 yrs I have never had one that even have the TV a second thought or look, but they don perk up if something that SOUNDS strange to them comes on, but they realize by themselves that it's nothing & usually go back to sleep.
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