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Want to use a collar but she chews it - help

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I don't usually put the collars on our dogs since our yard is fenced in but today changed it. Cuddles (the Pom puppy) got out twice. She just scoots under different parts of the fence. Then we fill it up and she may try new areas. Okay, I went out and bought her a 16" collar and adjusted it. Also got a tag with our name and phone and address. Got the collar on and now she tries to chew it and gets her mouth caught in it. It is about 3/4" inch wide. The skinnier ones are two small. Any ideas?

Update - so far the skinny collar is working. Cross fingers.
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I would think that if she can get her lower jaw under the collar when it is on her, then it is on her too loosely. Also, try moving the collar up toward her ears slightly, then tightening again.
I think it is on tight but not too tight. Just took it off because I am afraid she will choke.
I don't have exactly the same problem, but I have a collar issue. I like to keep collars on my dogs with their tags, just in case something happens. We got Mia and I got her a brand new girly collar. A few hours later I found it chewed up. I got another one and this time I got to see what happened. In playing, Landen dragged her by her collar, breaking it. The only thing I don't think he could destroy would be a metal collar, but then he would just choke her to death!

Anyway... I would tighten the collar. She should not be able to get to it. If you can slide two fingers under the collar and have it snug against them, the collar should be on fine. With all her fur, it may be difficult to judge where her actual neck is!
You could try a chew deterrent like bitter apple. I don't know that it would stop the other dog from tugging on the collar, but it will likely keep it out of the mouth of the one wearing it. A word of caution though, you might need to shop around and try different flavors if you decide to go this route, I've met dogs who didn't mind bitter apple for example, but couldn't stand pickle juice. Also, if you're worried about fit, you could go with an adjustable buckle collar (the kind that has the plastic buckle that clips together) like the ones Bison makes, instead of the metal belt buckle type collars. Good luck!
You might have to part her hair, THEN tighten the collar. I have to do that with Susie, 'cause her hair is pretty thick. If I didn't, she'd slip her collar all the time.
If you can slip two or three fingers under the collar without having to push into the skin it just right.
I have the same problem with my chi. I put it on fairly tight (even had a professional do it) and nope she still managed to squirm underneath it.
My dog doesn't mind a harness and doesn't bother with it. So, I changed and got her a harness for when she goes outside instead.

As for the spaces under the fence. Try chicken wire. We cut strips of it which took a long time and was a HUGE pain but in the end was worth it. We put it at the bottom of the fence. We just used staples as we have a wooden fence but if you have a wire fence they have these C hook things that are very easy to install. Be sure to make the chicken wire wider then the hole so it can come down and bend and sit in the ground so they cant push it out.

Rarely does anyone see it in our yard, we have to point it out to guests that come over.
You can check a collier by putting a finger in , if you can it loose enough. Some pet shops will kindly help you fit your collier on your dog for you. Sounds as if your collier is dangerously to loose. I'd remove all together and get your dog mircrochipped,to give you a back up. while you wait to get another collier.

Regards Pam
1. get her microchipped
2. put the collar on, make sure there's only room for 2 fingers between SKIN and the collar.
3. supervise her with the collar on, and give her fun things to play with orally like a kong with yogurt in it.
4. clap your hands at her when she goes after the collar and then offer her the kong.

Honestly it takes all dogs a while to get used to a collar. if she hooks her lower jaw under it, i'd let her simmer for a second or two before coming to her rescue and see if she'll figure out that playing with her collar tends to wind up uncomfortable.
I too recommend a harness, especially on a tiny like yours. I would worry about her trying to get under the fence and getting caught and strangling herself. A well fitted "vest type' harness works well..and if she does get caught it would be her body taking the pressure as opposed to her neck and throat. You can add her idea to the leash ring.
And definitely microchip your dog.
I also would worry about my small dog being out alone in the yard for long at all...people steal dogs in the city..especially tinies.
I'm not sure a harness is the best idea. First, because it loops around the chest, it's easier to chew than a collar. Second, there's more surface area to snag even if the choking risk is smaller.

I think the best option is to tighten the collar; I think the 2-finger rule is meant for medium-large dogs, and not Poms. 2 fingers is a signicantly higher proportion to the neck radius on a small dog. Couple this with the Pom's slightly shorter snout (easier to fit under the collar) and puffy hair, I would guess that there is too much slack on the collar.
Well I just got back from Wal Mart and got her a thinner one and maybe shorter. (less gap) Have it on now and am watching her to see if everything works out okay. Couldn't find a cute one. Had to get a boing solid color and not even pink. The choices were slim. She does have a harness for when we walk her. Had that on over the weekend while we were at a motel and it was all right but I don't know if I fell safe about keeping it on in the back yard. I don't like microchiping. I guess it is a thing that I don't care to put in a body. I heard those things move around.

I wonder which is safer - harness or collar? I am hoping if she did get caught, I would hear her yipping (she can be a yipper).
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