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Hi my name is Teresa and I am Princess Penny's human mom. I am also mom to 2 yorkie rescues named Rudy (8) and Winnie (7).

Like many of us we went through the 4th of July and like some of us - we had to cancel whatever plans we thought we were going to have because one or all of our beloved pets WENT TOTALLY NUTS when the first firework went off.

Our female Winnie was a total basket case. She panted and shook so hard that I thought her little heart was going to come through her body.

The only thing that I could think of was to turn the tv up loud thinking that if it were loud enough then she could not hear them. What happens, my husband puts on the cowboy channel and they are shooting a gatlen gun. What was he thinking? :redface:

Can anyone and everyone send me some ideas please as I'm sure they will still be shooting them off and if not there will be another holiday coming in a month and a half and I sure would like to be prepared.

Thanking you all in advance for any help you can render.
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