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want to adopt rotweiler

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hi guys

there's a 1 year old rotie available in shelter i want to adopt him his name is Oscar

they say he is very aggressive. i never owned a rotie before.

i have a lot of questions.
on how will he fit in my home
will he accept me as his owner .

right now most of the time my omm n me are home.
i have heard a lot from friends like rotties biting there owner..

i know their owners must be bad

but these things have made me question roties aggression thingy
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I have a soft spot for shelter dogs that no one else wants, but I don't see how you are in an awkward position. You have not promised to take the dog. No one is asking or forcing you to do so. Many, many shelter dogs never get adopted. It is sad that he will be another one, but if he doesn't fit into your life, then it isn't meant to be.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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