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want to adopt rotweiler

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hi guys

there's a 1 year old rotie available in shelter i want to adopt him his name is Oscar

they say he is very aggressive. i never owned a rotie before.

i have a lot of questions.
on how will he fit in my home
will he accept me as his owner .

right now most of the time my omm n me are home.
i have heard a lot from friends like rotties biting there owner..

i know their owners must be bad

but these things have made me question roties aggression thingy
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Rottweilers are a strong breed dog and are not for the inexperienced, I know the old saying " how can you get experience without owing one" well volunterring is one way.. I own 2 Rottweilers soon to be 3 and I personally cannot see an inexperienced person owning a rottweiler with an aggressive background, I also can't see a rescue organization or a shelter adopting an animal that is aggressive regardless of the breed.

Rottweilers were not bred to be mean, mine have been raised with my children and they adore them, they are their guards when my eyes are not on them, they are my big couch potatoes. Please for your sake and the sake of this dog find a puppy that you have experience with, and one that does not have behavior issues, my female had behavior issues but I have spent alot of money and more time to get her to where she is today.. I think its best if you leave this alone.

Hi Inga this is Kim...I couldnt remember my old name and PW


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What are the exact "aggressive" behaviors the shelter is stating this dog has? For example if I had to rehome my female and she went to a shelter/rescue some may say she is aggressive, she doesnt care for other dogs because she was attacked at a young age by the neighbors dog while in my yard on a leash, she is leary of some people including my old vet because for some reason he was scared to death of her, and she had never even came close to acting like she would bite, so she was muzzled at each vet visit... She gets very protective when strangers come near me or my children, but alot of dogs are the same way and are not Rottweilers.

Questions I would be asking are what makes him aggressive? why are they saying this? is he cat aggressive? dog aggressive? kid aggressive? you have to ask all these questions and then read, read,read. They are awesome dogs and I love mine to death, I dont want to see any dog put down, but if he is truly aggressive and a harm to society then he should not be adopted.. get as much background information as you can, and also information from people that take care of him at the shelter.
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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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