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want to adopt rotweiler

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hi guys

there's a 1 year old rotie available in shelter i want to adopt him his name is Oscar

they say he is very aggressive. i never owned a rotie before.

i have a lot of questions.
on how will he fit in my home
will he accept me as his owner .

right now most of the time my omm n me are home.
i have heard a lot from friends like rotties biting there owner..

i know their owners must be bad

but these things have made me question roties aggression thingy
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being a rottie and doberman owner, I will say that these breeds aren't really for beginners. Mine at least will try to challange me at times, I always say they do it just to make sure I am still paying attention. LOL

Having an aggressive dog, you have to have the upper hand and be able to handle them in any conditions. You also have to be prepared for the worst. ALL DOGS BITE! I am really tired of people putting a stereo type on certain breeds. I can't tell you how many times people have actually looked down upon me saying "oh you have one of THOSE dogs", as if my dogs were going to attack anyone that walked by. That is far from the truth. We work very hard with our dogs training them and etc so they are great dogs and very well behaved/socialized.

Having a rottie also you have to make sure you r homeowners insurance will allow one! We had to loook, and look to find one that would allow or dogs, and then we had to sign off on them as well if there were any "incidents"..

Did I read right that you just got a puppy??? If so I would say your hand are pretty full right now anyways...why add to it?
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