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want to adopt rotweiler

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hi guys

there's a 1 year old rotie available in shelter i want to adopt him his name is Oscar

they say he is very aggressive. i never owned a rotie before.

i have a lot of questions.
on how will he fit in my home
will he accept me as his owner .

right now most of the time my omm n me are home.
i have heard a lot from friends like rotties biting there owner..

i know their owners must be bad

but these things have made me question roties aggression thingy
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Oscars owner abandoned him so they got him now
ok if u say so but that dog will remain in there cuz no one will adopt him .. is it possible if i go spend sometime with him in shelter nd see if he gets to know me and dont be agressive with me?

is there any chance?i know i got the pup but i cant see leaving this dog and this leaves me in awkward position
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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