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Walking outside of yard on leash troubles.

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I have a four month old girl staffy who hates leaving the house for a walk on the leash. When she isn't on a leash she will rareley step off the front stairs unless we really encourage her to. She was walking ok a couple of weeks ago but would stop suddenly if a car drove past. I have tried encouraging her with treats but she works herself up so much that she doesnt feel like eating them, she might lick them now and then. When she was walking ok a few weeks ago I'd still have to carry her for the first few houses and then she would still be stopping when each car went past. Im only using a puppy leash and a puppy collar. Lately I have attempted to take her and Ill pick her up and carry her past a few houses but she will just lay down once I have placed her on the ground. She will tugg and pull in the direction of home. Please help. I really want her to be my walking buddy.
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You certainly can have a walking buddy. It sounds like she has great fears of the outside including cars. Wonder if she would take to walking in an open area without cars or other people. To help her get through her fears you will need the help of a animal behaviorist, dog trainer or at least a good book. One good book on these issues is: Help for your Fearful Dog by Nichole Wilde
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