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Walking a 15 week old puppy!

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Hello everyone I am so pleased to have found this forum. So we have had our gorgeous Dory coming up to 4 weeks this Friday! We are so pleased with her progress, she is very well behaved and calm (apart from those mad puppy moments) The only issue I am facing is when we begin our walks she sits and refuses to move. I am trying to follow all the advise extra yummy treats and no picking up or tugging her along but I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this and conquered it! Once she gets over the intial sit she walks fine. Please help if you can thank you
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Just keep waiting her out. When she moves, mark it (clicker or Yes and have a GREAT treat (not kibble.. something like Deli roast beef or a bit of cooked pork).
Yep Pepper was exactly the same at that age! It's hard to believe because now she gets uncontrollably excited as soon as I get out her collar. Keep doing what you're doing. Patience and consistency are key with most puppy "issues" like this. She'll eventually realize that walks are fun.

I'm assuming she's had all her shots?
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