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Ok, so I've been stalking samoyed breeders that I've met at shows and such through email, just trying to get a feel for who is in the community.

There have been a few times when I've felt like I've come close to making a decision, but for some reason just haven't.

The other day, I came across a puppy application for one of the breeders that I was like, "Ok, I will NEVER even get a reply from these guys." I guess that's why I never filled it out and sent it in. This kennel is very prestigious and is behind the winner of the Eukenuba of 2008.

Given the facts, I'm a great dog mom to my "step" dog, but I'm rusty on showing dogs and though I'm really interested in agility, I've never actually had the opportunity to compete in it.

That makes me a total novice in some people's eyes, so I was really suprised when I filled out this application, I got an email back the next day from this kennel asking if I was still interested in a puppy this coming spring 2010.

She said she was under alot of pressure to find the best homes for these puppies, because the bitch in question would only be bred once in her lifetime due to the needs of the breeding program. They haven't picked a stud yet, but she finished at 8 months with 3 majors and she's currently on her first MACH in agility.

So, of course I responded back with all of the appropriate questions about whether the puppy will be co owned and wanting copies of all the health certs and wanting to know all about the contract and letting her know that YES THAT'S STILL MY TIME TABLE AND I WOULD LOVE A PUPPY FROM THAT BREEDING!

Ok, sorry if that's a little enthusiastic for a breeding that's not even going to take place until Winter of 2010, but this is an incredible kennel and I would be VERY lucky to get a puppy from these guys.

It seems like it's kismet.

I told her that I'd also be traveling up to the National Specialty in October to Indianapolis. I mean, I've been planning on going anyway for the experience, and the BF just wants to meet the breeder who we're going to get our future puppy from.

I REALLY hope she emails me back and tells me that I'm on the waiting list for this breeding. I know it seems like a long time away, but I really don't think it will seem that way to me. I'll be in school until Feb. of 2010, so it's not that long for me.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me. I really, really want this to work out. I kind of have a feeling about this...you know...like it's supposed to be. When I first met my boyfriend, I had a similar feeling- that we were meant for eachother.

I haven't gotten this excited about a possibility well...ever. None of the other breeders/potential breedings seemed right. This does.


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;-) I will keep you updated. In fact, you all will probably be the first to know (with the BF coming in a close second, and only because he works during the day). Ok, he's sitting right here watching me type this. ;-)

ANYWAY- yeah...super excited. Thanks for the finger crossing and the well wishes! Once she sends me pics, I'll show you you all!!!!!!

Gosh...I hope this happens..

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Yes, She does. I'll PM it to you, but I'm not going to post it on a thread.

Trust me, she's one of the really good ones. I know what I'm doing when it comes to choosing breeders (ie- not like some of the truly novice posters on this board who think they're getting from a "good" breeder that turns out to be a puppy mill).

I have very high standards for my pup, and if the parents don't have a Ch. at the very least, along with health testing, and if the breeder wasn't a member of the National Breed Club and into things like agility and conformation, then it would be a no go.

This puppy will be tested for herding skills, and be active in agility and conformation. It MUST be mentally and physically sound.

I don't have the OFA or CERF stuff yet, nor do I have any information about the cardiograms of both parents, or the PRA tests, because this is VERY preliminary.

I don't even know if I'm on the waiting list yet...:(

Once I have that information, I'll post it, because I know it's really important to show people how to do things the "right" way, because so many people don't know what to look for.

Ok, CorgiKarma...let me know when you have a chance to look at it! :)

As I said in the PM, most of the breeders out there don't maintain their websites very well. The reason I know the things I do about her is because of the other members of the samoyed community, and she comes well recommended.

Most of the breeders I've met aren't young, and most aren't too tech savvy. If you have questions, let me know. I can tell you that reputation travels very far, and with out hard copies of all certs this would be a no go.

BUT, that's all in the realm of the possible, because I'm not even on the waiting list yet! :)

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*crosses fingers*

OMG that would be sooooo cool! I hope you get on the waiting list!!!!! I can't wait to hear!

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Thanks guys!! I love it that I have people to be excited with!!!!!

Oh, yeah, and if anyone else wants to see the website, let me know. I'm not trying to hide it from anyone, but I just don't feel comfortable posting it online, for some reason. Not sure why.

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Wow, congrats, Sammgirl! I can imagine how you must feel, I was SO excited before I adopted Basil, I went through so many emotions, lol!

I'm also interested in seeing the breeder's website! Sammies are one of my favorite breeds, and I'd love to get one at some point in my life, along with a Keeshond and a Corgi XD

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There you go, K9Companions!

Here is the email I received back from her...Be honest, how do you all feel about her "tone?" Does it SOUND like she's interested in me as a potential puppy buyer?

Hi Sammgirl,

Thanks for sending back the questionnaire. Are you still planning for next Spring for a puppy? I co-own a really nice Ringo daughter that we plan to breed in February. She won WB at the National out in Idaho when she was 9 months old. She has been shown only a few times since finishing. They have been working her in agility. She has her 1st jumpers title. She is really fast and a great jumper. She does launch a bit earlier than most dogs, but she tucks her legs up close and has plenty of room between her and the jumps. They have pictures of her jumping. I need to get her to email those to me. Agility is keeping her in good shape. We have a few possible stud choices for her and I plan to look around at the National this year too. She will likely only be bred once in her life, so I have extra pressure to pick out the very best choice for her.

Here is what I sent back:

Hello Breeder, thank you for your quick reply.

That sounds like it's exactly on our timeline for getting a puppy.
We'll be doing puppy preschool with the wild weavers here in ohio, so
we'll also be doing obedience (ha ha ha!) and agility wtih them as

This will be my first time competing formally with agility, I used to practice on the equipment at City all
breed when they had it up. It seems as long as you make it a game,
they love it.

City All breed has conformation classes, and I've gone there before. It's pretty inexpensive and
they're good teachers. I think it's better to teach them in that type
of environment rather then a private tutor, because of all of the hub
bub that goes on at dog shows.

The BF and I are going to be at the National Specialty in Indianapolis
this October. We're only coming for Saturday, but both of us just
wanted the experience of it.

As for the meat and potatos, we'd like to establish a good rapport
with you and have a chance to meet you and speak with you.

We are curious as to your prices, and would like to read over a copy
of your puppy contract.

In addition, I was wondering if this puppy will be a co-owned puppy?
If so, what are the terms?

Could you provide copies of the health certifications of the parents?
How are the temperments of the parents?

If you ever want to call and talk to us in person, we're at
555-555-5555. We'd love to hear from you!

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I don't see anything wrong with her tone. I think you are just nervous and reading too much into it!:D If she wasn't interested in selling you a puppy she likely would not have emailed you back with so much information about the dam.

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If she wasn't interested in selling you a puppy she likely would not have emailed you back with so much information about the dam.
I agree. I think if she weren't interested on getting you on the list then she wouldn't have replied or would have simply said no, sorry.

I don't want to get you excited, but it looks promising so far! I hope she e-mails you back quickly with a responce!
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