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Vomits once-Change diet?

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My dog got sick once (vomit) then seemed fine. Not sure if from running around, drinking water/eating too fast, etc. Question - If you dog vomits once, but seems ok, do most people change their food (bland) for next couple of days or just let it be? He now seems to vomit every two months (only once). Normal?
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Vomiting once every two months isn't really that normal... What does the vomit look like? How often does he eat every day?
Eats 3 times a day. Vomit food. How often do your dogs vomit? Mine vomiting (one time) every two months. Huge improvement, always had sensitive stomach. Never had a straight answer what "normal" is.
Uh... my dogs never vomit. They vomit when they're sick. Occasionally if they've gone too long without a meal, dogs will vomit up yellow bile. But only one of my dogs has done that, and only once in her 10 years.
Gunnar vomits bile at least once a week. Always has. He throws up food about the same as yours. I can't feed him the expensive foods - they are too rich for his stomach. Songa never vomits, nor does Jojo. My dogs just had their yearly exam, shots - the vet said that their weight, muscle tone, hair, etc. is perfect so I'm not worried about him vomiting once every couple of months. He has a sensitive tummy.

It doesn't sound like it's anything to worry about.
Our poor little yorkie, if somebody unknowingly gives him cheese or milk, he'll throw it up the next day. If this is really a normal occurrence, Id probably take him to the vet and discuss his diet.
My dog Toby vomits for no obvious reason every now and then. I haven't kept track of exactly how often, but once every 2 months sounds about right. I figure everyone gets an upset tummy now and then. If that's as often as it happens, I wouldn't worry about it.
There is vomiting and there is regurgitating. Regurgitating can be normal. Too much play after eating, food going down wrong, like that. Vomiting isn't normal but I accept less than once a week without changing anything. If I notice a pattern I will do something - late night urps, give an extra treat before bedtime. If dog regurgitates often and he isn't doing anything that seems like it should cause it then maybe a vet visit is in order.

Keep track of it just in case there is a pattern and/or it gets worse. I wouldn't change foods.
I agree with Kathy in that I'd just watch it and see if it gets worse. Our dog hacks up his food once every couple of months, but he seems to be in perfect health otherwise. We've always just attributed it eating too quickly, etc.
Yes I know the difference between vomit and regurgitation. Almost every time, vomit. The vet seems not all that concerned, its harder on me. Doing this every two months - Gotten much better, when puppy would vomit almost weekly. Hope this is something he is outgrowing. Thanks for all the postings letting me know I'm not alone!
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