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I just started feeding raw, and my vet has been very supportive. But she recommended I add in pet tabs everyday as an overall daily vitamin. I quickly ruled that out, but decided it was sound advice to look into supplements at least.

I am currently giving fish oil every day, and Vitamin E twice a week. If you supplement fish oil ALWAYS supplement Vitamin E as well. Fish oil can cause a vitamin E deficiency in dogs. I then added solid gold sea meal. It’s mostly trace minerals, but it also has plant enzymes. The plant enzymes help the dogs to digest any vegetables that I didn't puree well enough. Dogs don't produce the enzymes that break plant cell walls.

I am now considering a B complex vitamin. Vitamins A, D, K, and E are fat soluble. Meaning they are stored in your fat cells until they get used. Overdosing these vitamins can cause toxicity in humans as well as dogs. Vitamins C and B on the other hand, are water soluble. Overdoses of these vitamins are released from the body in urine. Very little is actually stored daily. There are pretty much no known cases of toxicity.

But dogs produce vitamin C in their liver in very large amounts. People only get Vitamin C from their diet. I found a very informative article on Vitamin C in dogs last night.


B complex vitamins are only obtained through your dog’s diet. And deficiencies in one of these can cause all sorts of horrible things. And there are no known cases of toxicity, so I pretty sure I will supplement that.

You just need to keep in mind that over supplementing has just has many drastic results as under supplementing. This is why I choose sea meal, since it is a natural source of minerals as opposed to a synthetic one in MUCH higher doses. You can also use kelp and alfalfa I believe.

The dog aware site also has some great info on supplementing. But I would still check everything on that site, with other sources and your vet.:)
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