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Very aggressive Huskita needs vet attention

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Hello all...I've come here as last resort because I am truly desperate. My two year old Husky Akita mix Tucker is wonderful to my boyfriend and I. He can be a bit mouthy but for the breed that is to be tolerated, however we are not able to let him leave the house due to his high aggression. He hates animals, people, he attacks the television, has bitten two people which explains why he is kept in house. I will not be the reason for my dogs death and if I let him out again even for a walk with me and he bites someone it's over for him. Recently we took him to animal hospital as he passed out out of nowhere where it was truly as traumatizing as I thought it would be. He was muzzled of course but did not stop him from trying to kill everyone in sight and he is by no means a small dog. He was sedated three times in manners that horrified me and he still did not go out the whole way, but with a thousand dollar vet bill it allowed them to look him over strapped down to a stretcher. If he hated people before I know he will NOT have it again. Unfortunately we found he has lymes disease, were given antibiotics and sent home. Two months later, just a few nights ago he could not walk, was very lethargic and confused, almost seizing all night long just jerking his head to shakily look at me until I slept on the ground with him and he calmed. I know his Lyme's was not fully treated and now I have to take him back. I spend sleepless nights worrying, have called many vets asking, begging for information and help, hoping to hear a loving voice say it's okay we will look at him but common sense tells ME I WOULDNT want to look at an aggressive dog either. I don't know where else to turn. We have put in a call to our behaviorist but he needs the vet sooner than that. We begged animal hospital to refill his antibiotics but once that's out in a week I need to get him seen. I love this dog, would never considered putting him down. The weird thing is he was never aggressive when we first owned him, it was five or six months later he without warning nearly ripped our friends face off
It had to be glued back on. Since then he has only become worse. When I pull him away from whatever he wants he looks at me with the craziest look in his eye like he considers turning on me but he never has. He's very obedient for us, sits, stays, lies down, kisses, and gives each paw. He eats normally, we play in the backyard and house but his life is limited. I got him to take on walks to exercise to give his best life and the life he lives is diminished because I cannot let someone or him get hurt. I can't even walk in my neighborhood as he bit a neighbor and no one chains their dogs up. I don't know what else to do. I wish there was a vet specializing in his behavior but just wondering if anyone out there has any tips
No I'm not euthanizing him. Would never considered it. He is family and he loves us and in his very small world we are the only ones he trusts and all he has. I bought the dog knowing his breed can be difficult. I blame myself but he was rescued and I would never return a rescue dog and I love him too much to consider anything that would cause him to leave me. Please help. I don't know where else to turn. He needs better and so do we.
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I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. It's a really difficult issue, and frankly for most of the problems you're facing you are going to need a qualified behaviorist or veterinary behaviorist who uses modern, scientifically based force-free methods. And possibly medical intervention, if they determine his aggression is based in fear or anxiety.

The first place I'm going to send you is the Muzzle Up! Project - it has lots of resources about how to make wearing a muzzle a happy, fun, and safe experience for the dog. This will allow you to keep people and other animals safe and may give you some more freedom to do things that will help broaden his world and improve his quality of life.

But unfortunately, there's a limited number of things you can do that will work immediately to make it possible for a vet to examine him. I would have a serious talk with your vet about whether they're able to prescribe oral sedatives or are willing to do something like come out to your car to give him an injected sedative before you get into the office. If they can't or won't, you may need to see if any clinics near you will. I've heard some decent things about Fear Free Pets, which should have a directory of veterinary professionals and clinics that are certified through them if you're in the US, with the stipulation that I haven't used them myself so this is a second-hand recommendation at best. You're right that a vet visit is super important, though. Both for taking care of the Lyme (which can cause or worsen behavior issues) and for checking to make sure he doesn't have any other underlying conditions contributing to his aggression - thyroid problems are a common culprit. It may be genetic - akitas in particular can have pretty serious aggression problems when not carefully bred - but it's best to rule out medical issues first, because no amount of behavior modification or training will fix an issue caused by a health problem.

Aggression issues are hard. And because your dog has bitten seriously in the past, I strongly urge you to follow through with that in-person behaviorist plan, because it's going to be virtually impossible for us (most of whom don't professionally work with dogs) to give you specific behavioral modification advice that will guarantee everyone's safety. We do offer lots of support, though, and I'll be wishing you luck.
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