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Vent: Before my head blows up, cruel dog treatment.

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On one of my local dog groups there is a person with a Catahola/lab mix 11wk old pup that they got at 5wks. They first had issue and said the pup was to rowdy,people posted helpful info like exericise,its a baby,etc. A few days later it was I think the dog is deaf because of the way it acts,lots of suggestions to go to the vet,some at home test,etc. Now she wants to dump the pup because it isn't housebroke. She claims the poor pup has horrible poo and goes all the time. She feeds Purina ONE which she claims is top of the line quality food for pups. I suggested that maybe the pup had an issue with the grains in the food and so did some other people and she point blank said,Well this pup ain't getting any special food so it can just stay outside in a pen if no one wants it. How freaking mean. I asked if her child had a dietary issue would she still force her child to eat the food and tell her to just suck it up? I'm so ticked off.
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It's obvious this woman does not care about the dog at all and is only holding on to it out of spite. I would steal it out of the outside pen and find it a new home, I really would.
I would never recommend stealing a dog.
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