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Hello everyone,

I was curious how you get your dogs to eat vegetables on a daily basis. I have tried everything with my beasties, but have had no luck. All they want to consume is meat and fish. I am really quite worried, as I feel it is important for dogs to eat some fruit and veg daily. Would it be worth trying to put some mashed veggies into their wet food?

Thanks for your help.
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Dogs cannot break down the cell walls of plant material. So if you're going to feed vegetables you need to blenderize or somehow pulverize the heck out of them before serving for the dog to get any nutritional benefit from them. So once they are made into mush you could incorporate them into any meal with your dog, just pour it over the food in the bowl.

I have fed raw for a few years now and have never fed fruits, vegetables, or grain regularly to my 3 dogs. And they have been fine. They get some rare human leftovers, but I don't mash them so it is more for a treat than nutritional benefit. If your dog is getting a variety of species of meat and organs you have no worries. Dogs manufacture their own vitamin C (unlike humans) and get A & D from liver and other organs. Trace minerals are found in most organs as well as tripe. Quality fresh meat with variety is the key to cover all the bases.
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Thanks for the help. I think I will try feeding more fresh meat as well.
Yes yes dogs love to eat meat. They dont want to want to eat vegetables.

Organic Foods
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