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Vectra 3D??

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I've used Vectra 3D, the mosquito/bug/flea/tick repellent on Ellie for a couple years (65# half choc. lab 7 y.o. puppy). It is HIGHLY recommended by her vet, and from what I've been able to read. My concern is her fur - very fine, but dense. I'm concerned about whether I get it down to her skin, as recommended.

Any experience? Opinions? Good or bad experiences?
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Do you have a metal or greyhound-style comb? They're inexpensive and might be worth investing in, because they make it so much easier to part the fur down to the skin. If her fur is very dense or she has a lot of dead undercoat built up, you might need to comb out that shoulderblade area a bit first, but you should be able to part the hair down to the skin and get the applicator tube really down in there. If you need to use a hand to hold the hair apart, you can wear gloves if you're concerned about getting it on your own skin, but these products are considered non-toxic to humans so that's up to your own comfort zone (definitely wash afterwards though to avoid getting it in your eyes or mouth or somewhere else more sensitive).
I use this product and I also use K9 Advantix II on German Shepherds. Their coats are dense and lot of under coat. I actually short tie the dog to a post in the garage under and overhead shop light and put my arm under the dog and gently have the dog step back until there is tension on the lead. This prevents dog wiggling. I then carefully separate the hair and can see the skin and apply the product per directions.

I then separate the dog from the cats (Vectra and K9 Advantix II is deadly to cats) for a few hours. Fact is, I do it at night before bed and then crate the dog(s) for that night.

I live in a tick born illness hot spot. I have a dog coming 11 who tests negative for all tick born illness as does my coming four year old dog. They are not "hot house" dogs. We hike in the woods a lot and there are lots of vector animals (mice, chipmunks and so forth) and a tremendous population of spreader animals (deer). I think this is a testament either to my being lucky OR to the effectiveness of the product.

I LIKE these products as they repel in addition to kill ticks, fleas and other parasites.
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Thank you both for your insight and advice!
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